• Bagel Panini Sandwich 

2 fried eggs with the choice of bacon  or ham on a buttered, toasted bagel 

  • Breakfast Burrito*

Potatoes, scrambled eggs, tomato, mashed avocado, cheddar, 

spinach, with the choice of bacon or ham 

*Some ingredients may change for seasonal freshness)

  • Cream cheese bagel with seasonal fresh fruit

Toasted bagel with seasonal fresh fruit on the side

  • Classic Breakfast

 2 slices of buttered toast and 2 scrambled eggs with the choice of 3 strips of bacon or ham

  • Lox Bagel

Wild smoked salmon topped with fresh tomatoes, capers, and thinly-sliced red onion loaded on a toasted, cream-cheese everything bagel

  • Grilled Cheese*

Cheddar cheese grilled on an 8-inch ciabatta

*add your choice of ham, bacon, or fried egg for (+$2)

  • Sausage Parmigiana Panini 

Sausage, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese grilled on a warm panini  



  • Turkey Club Sandwich 

Turkey, tomatoes, bacon, mayo, and lettuce on toasted bread

  • Italian Sub* 

Ham, salami, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, provolone cheese, and thinly-sliced red onions

*add bacon for  (+$2)

  • Ham Sandwich 

Ham, mayo, tomatoes, and lettuce on an 8-inch ciabatta

  • Tuna Sandwich 

Our in-house tuna salad made from scratch daily with celery, pickles, mayo, dijon mustard, a hint of raw onion topped with a  fresh lemon squeeze on focaccia bread

  • Egg Salad Sandwich 

Our in-house egg salad made from scratch daily with hard-boiled eggs, celery, pickles, mayo, red onion, topped with a fresh lemon squeeze 

  • Tuna Melt 

Our in-house tuna salad grilled on sourdough bread with cheddar cheese

  • Turkey Melt 

Grilled turkey on sourdough bread with cheddar cheese

  • Grilled Cheese with Homemade Tomato Soup*

Our grilled cheese sandwich served with homemade tomato soup

*add your choice of ham, bacon, or fried egg to your grilled cheese for (+$2)

  • Caesar Chicken Salad 

Grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, and parmesan cheese served with a fresh slice of lemon

  • Everything Salad 

Seasonally fresh greens and veggies topped with cheese, salami, ham, and hard-boiled eggs



*Please note that a minimum of 5 orders (per one special)  must be met to place an order for the following menu items:

  • Chicken Salad Sandwich 

Grilled chicken, mayo, grape, toasted walnuts, celery, and pickles

  • Poke Bowl 

Fresh veggies and seasoned tuna served over a bed of white rice with our homemade Poke sauce 

  • Chicken Katsu* (Rice Bowl or Sub Sandwich)

A Korean-style chicken fried cutlet pre-marinated in our delicious homemade sauce, served on your choice of a bed of hot white rice or as a sub sandwich. 

  • Chicken Curry 

  • Fried Chicken 

Fried chicken brushed with our homemade garlic sauce

  • Bulgogi* (Rice Bowl or Burrito) 

Korean marinated beef with a homemade garlic sauce served over a hot bed of rice or wrapped into a warm tortilla burrito-style

  • Korean Bibimbap 

A variety of cooked and seasoned fresh veggies served over a bed of hot white rice and topped with a fried egg. Served with a side of spicy Korean red-pepper sauce to be mixed in. 


  • Gimbap (2 rolls)

2 rolls of gimbap, a Korean-style sushi roll with cooked rice, fresh veggies, and marinated fish cake or meat all rolled into a seaweed sheet.

  • Shrimp Spring Roll (2 rolls)

2 spring rolls filled with thinly-sliced cabbage, rice noodles, lettuce, and shrimp rolled into a rice paper and served with our homemade dipping sauce. 

  • Mini Bacon Burger Skewer*

Our famous burger-on-a-stick special begins with our made-from-scratch burger buns and beef patties brushed with our special home-made sauce, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar, bacon, and a baby pickle, served on a skewer. The perfect finger-food for fun functions or office gatherings!  

*Please note there is a minimum order of 20 skewers for this special 


~Catering Prices~

  • Orders must be submitted by 11 AM three days BEFORE catering.


  • At this time, we require a minimum of 10 orders for catering events.  


  • If you need something that we do not have on this menu, please call (503)-449-8660 to ask about possible availability. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 


For larger gatherings and events we offer finger-food packages: 


Package A: (price per person)

  1. Cucumber bomb, or Cheese salami roll

  2. Choice of Fried Chicken, Chicken Katsu bites, or our mini bacon burger skewers

  3. Veggie sticks

  4. Turkey club sandwich


Package B: (price per person) 

Everything in Package A 

5. Choice of shrimp spring rolls or gimbap rolls 

6. Dessert or drinks (call for available offerings) 


For our finger-food package options there must be a minimum order for at least 30 people. We recommend going with the package option for larger events and gatherings such as office-wide functions or holiday/annual parties!